You remind me of buckyballs

The way you stick to me in all physical and mental forms


Live young die fast

You watch me walking through the garden
As I crush your freshly planted flowers
But I am in a hurry to reach you

You hold me kissing through the garden
As I rebuild your carefully planted future
I am in no rush to leave you


Purple Pain

I could sleep in your emptyness
I could live in your absence
But I still see you in things that are long gone
And my forgotten thoughts are still with you


And you

Feel untouched by time
But changed by touch


And I

Became you
By leaving me


The sun always shines on tv

And so I warm my face with fiction
And I tan from stories told


Changing of the guards

"I think I have waited long enough."

"But I finally reached you."


I want this forever

I'm melting
I'm melting
That's how your love do
In a week from now
You will be blooming
You will be blooming