The end is over

I got lost in the desert baby and what I found were castles made out of paper.

A plane that couldn't go wrong.
A heart that was ready to stop beating.
A body that looked like an hourglass.
A wildest dream come true.

When the end was over I was found again.


Wrapped in paper

I am captured in my idea of safety. I carry it in my bag wrapped in paper.

But only on the inside.

Because while outside I find peace of mind, behind my window of the world fear has got a hold on me.


Two is a crowd

Hanging out of my window I was looking for your kiss.

They were the ones. Adressed like something only I tasted in this building. The light was shining on you as you came walking by, the discolights from the traffic tower were raining down on your hair. I was drinking my bottle of truth and let it rain on you, you looked up and smiled.

But you will never see what you're doing to me.



You look so different today.

Like you lost some weight? Like something happened outside that made you clearer? Like you wanted to tell me something. Please tell me. I saw nothing but these walls today and nothing but the light of my computer and the blinking lights of boredom. Give me some of that extra. Fill me in what the marker you found on the boardwalk.

Picture me different.