He chose the road that led him to a different view every time
And although his thoughts remained foggy
And his memories became blurry
He could find his way back in no time


Imagine a memory

When I would ask you
In twenty years from now
Will you remember
Would it be your life
Or would my story
Turn into your memory somehow


This morning

When I woke up next to you it seemed as if a year had past



In the mean time he does not seem to care
While I sit here looking like a hologram
I swallow these strange colors
In the mean time he will not bother me


Nora Naive

Every number you gave me turned out to be a fake one.
Now I just sit here and wait for you to call me.


Baked in snow

Three snowbeignets, please.

You sure, sir? You wouldn't want to kill the fire in your heart.


Absence makes the heart shrink oblivious

He couldn't quite wake up.
He turned his head, moved his arm and found her empty clothes.
Still cold from her absence, they say it makes the heart grow fonder.
He found the opposite to be true.


My love

I got hit before, but not like this.


I can see it

But you look at in a different way


Be Quiet And Drive

And when I fall off halfway through don't come back for me
For you make me run so fast that I will catch up somehow


Hello Blue

I know you are close to me and I feel we are going to meet soon.

But rather than coming outside I want to stay here, looking at you.
For when night falls I can close my eyes and pretend you were never here.



Romeo revealed himself as the world.



My father. My husband. My son.
You will turn around and your eyes will tell me, you look old.


De torens van Februari

I avoided your future
Fell for your past
I asked for your emptiness
Fill it up fast


Late night operation

I am burning as your words come flying through the air
and smoking
While my tears lapidate your face


Future Food

The seeds of my fear became a field of future food,
what I was afraid of is now the only thing that will keep me moving.
The voices and tunes in the ground climb their way up to be blown away with the wind, it sings; don't make a sound.

Don't make a sound.


This is how

This is how your shirt became my dress
This is how your absense became my fulltime job


Green grass

I never thought I would come back to this place.

I wish I was older, so I could just leave.

Does he know I am not staying anymore?

I hope I can make her understand why we have to go.

I want to stay here.

Please take me with you.


We can only understand what we are shown

And therefore I say nothing but see everything.


Oud-West, Thuis Best

I drop myself off before I go to sleep hoping you will drive back to bring me home.


City boy

"A forrest, a tree, it is basically the same to me."


Symphony No. 7

I listened to Symphony No. 7 and I watched you running from the hills, through the fields.
You stopped in front of me. Looked up.
And ran back.


She blows me left and right.

I walk out the door of one building and wake up on the rooftop of another.


Fare Well

He took everything and left only space in my heart.



Told you we went the right way.

Yes, you did.


He said it was this way.

But he did not mention a tower that is not much of a tower anymore.

He did mention a well that is becoming much more of a well everytime.



I got up to make you something to eat
You were swimming in the pond by the time I got back

Dinner's ready!

You were trembling when you rised from the water
I picked the leaves from your hair
While you picked from your bowl
I am not hungry, you said.


To disappear

I want to turn off the lights.
They can't see me.
I won't excist.



When your dream will finally arrive, I will wrap it up in time and become your shadow overnight.



When I stepped outside I wondered about the yellow circle in the sky.
I looked down and saw the color reflecting on myself, deciding that today I felt as yellow as can be.


Lover's spit

There once was a girl, she liked to spit in water after her lover kissed her.


See things as they really are

Not how the past looked at me. Not how the future tries to define me.
I see myself for what I really am through the eyes of this very second.


Cold desert

The sand came raining down on the dry land.


Medicine is magical

This is the first time you say I remind you of money.
This is the first time I say we should call ourselfs an institution.
You hold yourself onto me when you hold me.
You laugh when you say you don't think you can love me.
But I say medicine is magical and I think you could.



A tree walked through me yesterday. Now my heart has turned to wood.



Does it deserve a quiet night?
My screaming underwater becomes an airbubble speeding to the surface and when I come up for air she smiles at me.
You didn’t hear me right?


The end is over

I got lost in the desert baby and what I found were castles made out of paper.

A plane that couldn't go wrong.
A heart that was ready to stop beating.
A body that looked like an hourglass.
A wildest dream come true.

When the end was over I was found again.


Wrapped in paper

I am captured in my idea of safety. I carry it in my bag wrapped in paper.

But only on the inside.

Because while outside I find peace of mind, behind my window of the world fear has got a hold on me.


Two is a crowd

Hanging out of my window I was looking for your kiss.

They were the ones. Adressed like something only I tasted in this building. The light was shining on you as you came walking by, the discolights from the traffic tower were raining down on your hair. I was drinking my bottle of truth and let it rain on you, you looked up and smiled.

But you will never see what you're doing to me.



You look so different today.

Like you lost some weight? Like something happened outside that made you clearer? Like you wanted to tell me something. Please tell me. I saw nothing but these walls today and nothing but the light of my computer and the blinking lights of boredom. Give me some of that extra. Fill me in what the marker you found on the boardwalk.

Picture me different.