Van de regen in de drup

Met één been op de stoep, de ander in de goot, en als ik dat niet doe, dan ben ik morgen dood.

There you are

There you are! I could not see you from this far, you should not hide from me like that. Don't be afraid. Pain is only temporary. You won't remember a thing tomorrow.


Leave the light on

Leave the light on when you get home, so I can get up to look at you.
Leave the door open when you leave again, so I can find my way back to you.



I am no longer local, my thoughts are global.
From a distance we feel closer than before.
From above we see clearer with our feet on the ground.
In the buildings of our believes the doors opened and free vision is flowing into the streets.

The neighbourhood became the world overnight.


Simon Says

He was born to win.
Now get the fuck up.