He chose the road that led him to a different view every time
And although his thoughts remained foggy
And his memories became blurry
He could find his way back in no time


Imagine a memory

When I would ask you
In twenty years from now
Will you remember
Would it be your life
Or would my story
Turn into your memory somehow


This morning

When I woke up next to you it seemed as if a year had past



In the mean time he does not seem to care
While I sit here looking like a hologram
I swallow these strange colors
In the mean time he will not bother me


Nora Naive

Every number you gave me turned out to be a fake one.
Now I just sit here and wait for you to call me.


Baked in snow

Three snowbeignets, please.

You sure, sir? You wouldn't want to kill the fire in your heart.